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5 Debt Management Tips

It may be impossible to totally erase debt from your life, particularly if you have made significant commitments like purchasing a home or pursuing further education. However, you may properly manage your debt so that you have more control over your finances. Ensuring that your debts are well-managed will have a long-term positive impact on […]

How Different Lighting Can Help Your Home Look Better

People who aren’t well-versed in the principles of interior design may believe that lighting is merely required to provide enough visibility throughout the home. Ambient light certainly meets these minimal needs, but in order to take interior design a step further, we must first comprehend the three fundamental forms of lighting, their roles, and how […]

Plagued By Termites, Homeowner?

At some point in life, you’ve probably heard of termites. The wood eating, home-destroying insects that will munch away at all the wood in your house over time. However, termites can be dealt with fairly easily nowadays. Soil treatment or liquid injection is a termite treatment method in which a repellent chemical solution is injected […]

Kitchen Ain’t Big Enough For You, Homeowner?

If you love cooking, then maybe a spacious kitchen would be very tempting to you. However, the average apartment’s and condo’s kitchen area is only so big. Luckily, there are ways to make kitchen spaces seems larger than they actually are, and affordably too. Here are 5 tips to help you manipulate your kitchen space: […]

Sink Clogged? Here Are 5 Reasons Why.

Ever wondered why your sink gets clogged? It doesn’t necessarily mean that something big got stuck in between the pipes. It may be due to accumulated waste materials that have been collecting there. Here are 5 reasons why your sink gets clogged.   1) Clumps of Hair To most, finding a strand of hair or […]

Houses Right Now – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

According to the latest property market report from the National Property Information Centre (NAPIC), there was a 21 percent increase in volume and a 32.1 percent increase in value traded in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period last year. “The real estate market is very active, whether it is in the […]

A Landed Terrace House Or A Trip To Space?

As a kid, you may have stayed out late after dark just to stargaze into the sky. You may have also wondered what it would be like to go into space and explore different planets like an astronaut.  Well, the good news is now you can go into space and you don’t have to be […]

Here Are Some Tips If You’re Facing Air-Conditioning Issues, Homeowner.

Leaking air conditioners (AC) are a typical problem in many Malaysian homes, and if left unaddressed, they may become a major pain to deal with in the future. If you don’t service and maintain your AC on a regular basis, the seemingly innocuous number of small droplets streaming from your AC could build into a […]

Rent Renegotiation: 7 Smart Strategies

Many people are enduring financial troubles as a result of this highly uncertain period, with many losing their jobs, wages, and in some cases, their homes. But, the COVID-19 pandemic has produced a shift in the Malaysian property market, resulting in an increase in housing rental supply. As a result of the excess of vacant […]

Is It Still The Case That Borrowers Are On The Losing End Of Loan Agreements?

Borrowers who do not fully understand the terms and conditions (T&C) mentioned in house loans or financing contracts have been on the losing end for years. Even if they do comprehend them, they are well aware that they lack bargaining power. They must accept those terms or their loan applications will be denied. The National […]