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3 tips to improve your credit rating … and read till the end for your Bonus 🎁

Recently, it was reported in freemalaysiatoday.com that home loan rejection rate is as high as 70%. Well … applying for a loan can be a frightening task that will require a lot of your time and you need to figure out what documents to submit.

Actually, applying for a loan is not as complicated as you think it is.

Follow our 3Cs tips below to increase the chances of your loan application approval!


The first β€œC” is capability.

This refers to your ability to take a certain amount of loan based on your income.

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How to buy property with no money down

There are many techniques or strategies out there to buy property. And one of the more popular and talked about technique is known as the no money down technique, or zero down payment. This is the easy part – buying property with no money down. The challenging part is to buy it for FREE. Let me explain.

Many people I talked to have the impression that buying a property no money down equals buying property for FREE. It is 2 different thing altogether. You can buy a property no money down, but not necessarily for free.

Now, before we go to the technique, let’s discuss some basic fundamental of buying a property.

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