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Penang lang recently was shocked with the sudden higher assessment rate imposed by the local council.

The assessment rate for the property I am staying in has increased an eye-popping 77%!

I’ve been asked by many people how they can lodge a bantahan.

So I’ve decided to write it down here so that you too knows how you can lodge your appeal or ‘bantahan’ to the MBPP.

Check your mailbox for the MBPP assessment. It looks something like this:

MBPP Assessment

The new assessment rate is outlined in Jadual 2 – Cukai Dikenakan

And then you will see a box with the website URL you can log into to make an appeal, as well as your unique user id and password. 

Visit the website – http://smartmonitoring.mbpp.gov.my/InternetBantahanPS/

This is how it looks like. Click on the button Sila klik disini, which will bring you to the page below. Enter your username and password (as given in your assessment letter from MBPP). 

Once you are logged in, your property’s information will be displayed. It is the same as that shown in the MBPP assessment letter you received.

Enter your Alasan Bantahan in the box given and click submit.

And there you go. That’s how you submit your appeal.

Remember, the deadline is on 14 October, 2019.

You can read about the news here Oct 14 deadline for Penang property owners to appeal against assessment rate hike

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  1. Would you be more specific, as to give us some clue on what are the greatest reasons for this objection. So that we all have easy references. And this will certainly help to strengthen our voice if many of us stated the same reason for objection. Teaching us how to lodge an objection is not only half way towards our main ultimate goal. And I believe more than half of tour audience know how to enter into the objection site. You don’t have to teach these simple things.

    • Hi Tan, per mbpp website, below are what they have to say about the alasan you can give:

      Seseorang yang tidak berpuas hati dengan Nilai Tahunan boleh membuat bantahan secara bersurat atau melalui web tidak lewat dari tarikh yang ditetapkan dalam notis taksiran . Bantahan tersebut hendaklah berasaskan kepada perkara berikut sahaja iaitu:

      harta yang dikenakan cukai adalah dinilai lebih tinggi dari yang sepatutnya.
      harta tersebut adalah jenis harta yang tidak boleh dikenakan cukai iaitu bersifat kegunaan awam dan tidak bermotifkan keuntungan.
      Contohnya :- masjid, sekolah awam dan sebagainya.

      harta tersebut sepatutnya dikenakan cukai tetapi telah tidak dinilaikan.
      harta tersebut telah dinilai kurang dari yang sepatutnya.
      harta yang dinilai secara bersama atau berasingan sepatutnya dinilai secara lain.

      The URL is here: http://smartmonitoring.mbpp.gov.my/InternetBantahanPS/

  2. Bantahan nilai Bari.untok alamat.
    50,Lorong Kelisa Emas 3,Taman Kelisa Emas,13700,Perai.
    Pengguna ID 126/02/620/001

    48,Lorong Kelisa Emas 3 , Taman Kelisa Emas,13700, Perai.
    pengguna ID. 126/02/619/001

    7, Lorong Seri Setia 4,
    Villa Seri Setia,
    14000,Bukit Mertajam.

    • Hi Lim Kian Seng, you need to submit your bantahan via website, per the steps shown above.

      In the assessment letter you received, there is a unique username and password for every property that you own.

      Hope this helps.

    • Hi Vivien, both user name and password (kata laluan) is provided in the box below Jadual 2 in the assessment letter sent to you.

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