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Eastern and Oriental Bhd (E&O) is preparing to establish its second master-planned development in Penang, following the success of Seri Tanjung Pinang (STP).

This 760-acre island, dubbed Andaman for the surrounding sea, is envisioned as the next famous E&O address, located across the river from STP. Andaman will be a fully integrated township with six fundamental pillars: residential, education, shopping, health & wellbeing, employment, and sustainability.

The developer intends to duplicate its success in creating STP by using all of its previous experience. It takes more than designing award-winning buildings for E&O to establish a township. It’s all about establishing long-lasting communities. E&O takes pleasure in creating townships that are tailored to the changing needs, wants, and ambitions of its communities, drawing on its tradition of exquisite designs.

Everything, including its festival retail marina and Straits Quay, Penang’s first seaside mall, is meant to be within walking distance of houses. “When it came to the dwellings, we went above and above to make sure there was something special in every aspect,” Kok explained.

E&O also ensured that lush landscaping, backyard gardens, and streetscaping were included throughout the development, transforming unattractive back ways into pleasant green spaces. The notion of sustainability is being incorporated into E&O’s plans, policies, and procedures. The Think Green food garden at Straits Green is a four-acre public park that serves as an outdoor school for local communities, partners, and employees to promote volunteerism, environmental stewardship, and community building.


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PENANG: Following the success of Seri Tanjung Pinang (STP), Eastern and Oriental Bhd (E&O) is gearing up to launch its second master-planned development in Penang.

Aptly named Andaman after the surrounding sea, this 760-acre island, just across the waterway from STP, is envisioned as the next iconic E&O address. Andaman will be an integrated township built around six core pillars, namely residential, education, shopping, health and wellness, work, and sustainability.

Taking all its experience in building STP, the developer hopes to repeat its success. Building a township is more than simply designing award-winning buildings for E&O. It is about building communities that stand the test of time. Drawing from its heritage of luxurious designs, E&O prides itself on developing townships curated around its communities’ evolving needs, wants, and desires.

“Putting communities first was the pivotal point of the STP master plan. It was all about designing around the needs and desires of the community we envisioned would make STP home. So, it was not just about beautifully-designed and finished homes, but very much also about secure environments, green spaces, broad walkways, beautiful landscaping, and communal spaces designed for shared activities. We strived to build a community that would flourish,” said E&O managing director Kok Tuck Cheong.

Everything is designed to be within walking distance from homes, including its festival retail marina, Straits Quay, Penang’s first seafront mall. “When it came to the homes, we took even more care to ensure that there was something special in every phase,” said Kok.

Citing STP’s maiden terrace houses Ariza, which debuted in 2005, he said the classic colonial designs, inspired by 19th-century Straits-eclectic homes, were different from other new developments in Penang at that time and took the market by storm.

“We followed this with Avalon homes in 2006, which featured air wells, high ceilings of up to 11-feet, open concept courtyards, large windows and a very generous house dimension measuring up to 3,800 sq ft for the terrace and up to 4,000 sq ft for the semi-detached,” Kok added.

E&O also ensured that the entire development features lush landscaping, backyard gardens and streetscaping, which turned unsightly back lanes into welcoming green areas. E&O is instilling the principle of sustainability into their strategies, policies and procedures. The Think Green food garden located at Straits Green is a four-acre public park that serves as an outdoor classroom for local communities, partners and employees to proactively embrace volunteerism, instil earth care practices and encourage community building.

Considering how children enjoy running around or cycling outdoors, security is an important feature of this gated and guarded community. E&O’s focus on safety and security is probably best exemplified at STP’s Quayside condominium. Designed by GDSS Security Consultants, the system uses a multi-layered approach complemented by state-of-the-art security technology.


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