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I am YK, an Electrical Engineer🔌⚡ by profession, and the Project Director of an M&E contractor👷🏻‍♂ company.

I work closely with developers, and construction companies🏗. I do earn a substantial income this way. However, I am also required to spend a big chunk of my time⌛ at this job, which takes away precious time with my family. I believe that property investment can give me both time⏳ and financial freedom💰. Therefore, I decided to join the property investment program with the aim to be financially free by 45.
Before the program, I have little knowledge about property investment and just buy into properties without detailed research and proper planning🙍🏻‍♂. After attending the program, I now have a guideline/checklist📝 to follow and the proper knowledge when doing my research🔎. I now also know what and how to plan📑 before I commit to buying a property💪🏻.
Now, I am more confident that I will be financially free through property investment and have more time to spend with my family👨‍👩‍👧 and to contribute back to my society🌏.